School Discipline and Bullying

Attorney Stone represents children and adolescents in school discipline and bullying matters.


If you have adolescent children, you may be aware of the growing role that law enforcement is playing in our schools. Many disciplinary matters that in the past have been handled within the school are now resulting in criminal charges.

Some school districts, however, still fail to recognize bullying when it happens within their walls.  It is not unusual for the victim of the bullying to be the only one punished.  In situations where a child is being bullied,  she can benefit from a lawyer who will make sure her voice is heard and her complaints respected.


While it is unquestionable that we need to protect our children, some schools and school districts have overreacted to the high-profile tragedies of the past few years. We now have police officers in some schools full time. The Massachusetts Anti-Bullying Statute leaves to the discretion of the principal whether to involve the police.  For some school administrators, the police are the first option in many disciplinary situations, rather than the last.

Do not assume that your child will be treated reasonably or fairly. Students have a right to be represented by a lawyer at most disciplinary hearings. The earlier a qualified defense lawyer is consulted, the better the chance for a fair and reasonable outcome to a school disciplinary matter.

Attorney Stone represents students in these and other matters:

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Disciplinary Hearings

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